Sunday, October 24, 2004

Too Wise to Fall for Tricks

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi,

Now and then, Americans ask me the same question: Why don’t you, Arabs, help us in Iraq? Aren’t you better off without Saddam?
Just imagine, I would say, you live in a dangerous neighborhood. Two bullies are vying for control. The stronger, Israel, is a nuclear menace supported and maintained by a super godfather, USA. It steals your lands, destroys your homes, oppresses your people and threatens your future. Another local bully, the Iraqi Baath regime, was installed and maintained by the same godfather.
One day the little Iraqi monster grew dangerously and started to pursue an agenda of its own. At the same time, it outlived its usefulness.
The bigger Israeli monster complained to daddy and demanded specific action. Daddy decided to get rid of his Iraqi evil creation and run business directly with the help of its now one and only partner in crime, Israel. There were smokescreen justifications, of course, like how dangerous and evil the little monster was. None was new, so the godfather had to exaggerate and claim that the ex-agent is now a nuclear superpower, plotting with shadowy groups to destroy the free world.
Wiser godfathers used to divide and conquer -not this one. He is a cowboy who trusts his gun to solve all kind of troubles. Arrogantly, he warned us in advance that our turn is next. Once done with the big guy, he would change the face of our earth to his and his spoiled protégé’s liking.
The easy task proved to be tough. It shouldn’t have been a surprise though, since it was just like we told him it would be. His war justifications proved to be false and he needed our help. So now he claims that his real, “honest to God” purpose is to liberate us from a tyranny and introduce our world to freedom and democracy.
The redneck forgot that he already revealed his future plans. Thanks to his advance notice, we are now too wise to fall for his tricks. Instead, we will gladly let him rot and burn in the hell he ignited.
If he still has any intelligence, fairness and decency left in him, he would turn instead on those who dragged him into this trap of the century-Israel and its allies and agents in America and Iraq.
Now, tell me my American friends, if you were us would you help the ally of your sworn enemy to overcome his hurdles so they could all gang on you? No? I didn’t think so.

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