Sunday, October 10, 2004

The World Vote for Bush

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi,

A British friend asked me: Who is your favorite candidate in the US presidential race?
For an Arab, both parties are hopelessly Israeli captives. Kerry might be more inclined to seek multilateral if imperfect solutions. On the other hand, he is either too na├»ve or a greater appeaser of Israel at the expense of America’s best interests with Saudi Arabia.
All American presidents, since Franklin Roosevelt, valued the strategic partnership with the Muslim-world leader and the world’s largest oil producer and reservist. They appreciated their alliance with the Kingdom during World War II, the Cold War, and the war on terror. Kerry seems to miss the point in his rhetoric.
Now, who is best to lead his nation and the world for the next four years? My guess is Kerry, but that won’t be the best for the world in the long run. At least now we know what the American foreign policies are about. We are no longer fooled by the pretty face of Clinton and the fine rhetoric of Reagan. US imperial ambitions and schemes, hidden and advanced slower but surer by wiser leaders, are now exposed by this impatient, ignorant and arrogant administration. Thanks to Bush and Zionist company, the world today, peoples and governments, is uniting in their apprehension, understanding and resistance of the American hegemony.
Four more years of bullying will harden the formulation of anti-American imperialism enough to resist future schemes, no matter how sophisticated and smart.
The future will be much safer and happier with stronger checks and balances on US power and designs. United, larger and stronger Europe, coordinated Asia, wiser Muslims, emerging Russia and forthcoming China won’t be as easily fooled and led.
Bush will help bring about this new world, and the world will thank him for it ...later.
So, as a world citizen, G.W. Bush is my candidate. If I were American, though, I would definitely vote for Kerry. He is good news for the economy, civil liberties, US global image and interests, world peace and ...home security. It might not be too late to pursue US imperial designs via the WTO, UN, NATO, and the various regional and international treaties formulated to serve US interests and affirm its leadership.
In four more years, we will get out of the Iraqi and Afghani quagmires, appease our detractors, improve US standing with our allies, force the Arabs into worse deal than they were offered four years ago and pacify the Middle East.
This way, the next president will find it much easier to lead the world into the New American Century — good news for Americans, bad news for the rest of us.

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